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Project Details



Southwark, London

Holiday Inn Express, Southwark

The proposed development involves the refurbishment and an extension to the existing Dominion House and connection to the Holiday Inn Express, to form an additional 48 Bedrooms.

The basement area will remain as existing, and will be refurbished to accommodate a plant room, meeting room and a storage area. The remaining floors including the roof extension will consist of bedrooms. Openings will be created on floors for integration to the neighbouring hotel.

The proposed works consist of demolition, underpinning and a new retaining wall to the basement, replacement of the timber floors, refurbishment to existing windows and installation of timber windows to new openings, new lifts and internal remodelling. Mechanical and electrical works will form a part of the above works to current standards.
All works are to be carried out in accordance with current regulations, British Standards and the relevant Code of Construction Practice.

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