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VCL team at Bhaktivedanta Manor organise a family fun day in celebration of Lord Krishna’s Birthday
04 Sep 2018

Spanning over a period of two days, Watford saw approximately 50,000 people gather in Bhaktivedanta Manor (Krishna Temple) , in honour of celebrating Lord Krishna’s Birthday. As Vascroft are constructing a new Haveli on the Manor’s site, they seized the opportunity to create some fun by setting up a safe designated play area consisting of supervised activities such as pretend brick laying and ‘building your own Haveli’ with giant blocks. 

This was a huge success on the day and many children came and enjoyed the experience of being builders for the day! Loads of positive feedback was received from the temple devotees and the various dignitaries who attended on the day.

Many thanks to Bhanubhai, Kurjibhai, Gurdip and their entire team for making this possible.

Red Blocks

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